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Wheel Boost Schedule for Monopoly Go Today

By Richard Gardner | Updated: Jun 16th 2024

Here are the scheduled times for today's Wheel Boost flash events on Monopoly Go. Wheel Boost will give your one extra spin of the Property Wheel when you complete a color set.

Wheel Boost Schedule for Monopoly Go Today
Wheel Boost Schedule for Monopoly Go Today

Wheel Boost Schedule for Monopoly Go Today

Today on June 16th 2024, there is one predicted Wheel Boost. Check the times list below for the schedule.

Time Zone Start Time End Time Duration
Pacific Time (PT) 12 AM 6 AM 30 minutes
Eastern Time (ET) 3 AM 9 AM 30 minutes
British Summer Time (BST) 8 AM 2 PM 30 minutes

Please bear in mind these are only predicted times, and they may well turn out to be incorrect.

For more Monopoly Go event schedules: All Events Explained

To activate the Wheel Boost flash event, log into the game between the start time and end time of the event, and Wheel Boost should start automatically for the set duration.

How to Get More Wheel Boosts?

Generally Wheel Boosts are just available via the daily flash events, although you may also find them in Daily Treats.

Why Knowing The Wheel Boost Schedule is Important

There is usually a decent sticker pack that you can try to win on the Property Wheel so having double spins helps a lot when trying to get it. Currently there best reward on the Property Wheel is the blue four star sticker pack. To prepare for the Wheel Boost event leave your board with as many hotels on it as possible, as the next upgrade will be completion of the color set for that property and a spin of the Property Wheel.

Wheel Boost strategy and more explanations as to why Wheel Boost can be important to part of your Monopoly Go strategy is dealt with in this thread in our forum, how to get cards quickly.

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What is the Schedule for other Events on Monopoly Go?

You can find our daily update schedule of events on Monopoly Go, here on our All Events Explained page. There you will find details of all currently running main solo events, tournaments, special events, partner events and flash events. So if you want to know more details about the currently running tournament or main event, or when if there is a Sticker Boost or High Roller for example, that is a great page to visit to find out.

What events are running now on Monopoly GO?

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