High School Simulator 2019

How Do You Unlock Stuff in High School Simulator?

How Do You Unlock Stuff in High School Simulator?
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How Do You Unlock Stuff in High School Simulator?
Stuff to unlock in the game mostly includes the customization options you typically find when you are about to start a game. This includes the starting outfit, and custom hair style. There really isn't any sure way of unlocking these content and the chance to unlock them do not come often as well. With the game's business model, it earns from pitching in some advertisements in between your gameplay -- which is basically how you get to unlock the stuff in the customization screen.

How Do You Unlock Stuff in High School Simulator?
Above is a screenshot of what you'd typically see when the game offer's you to watch a video (usually 30 second long videos) in exchange to unlock a hair style for the female character. It does offer you to unlock stuff in the game for free, but mind you that it meant one hair style at a time. That said, you'd really need to put some hours in the game before you get to unlock most of its content. However, if you don't have the patience to play the game and simply want to try on anything that is different from the default outfit, you can either roam around and find an outfit spawn point in the game world, or have a random one using costume button in settings.

How Do You Unlock Stuff in High School Simulator?
Simply click the settings button (the gear icon on the top left part of the screen) and then the costume button. What you'll get is a random outfit every single time. There is also no limit to using this so take your time to find the one that suits your preference. There are a lot of different outfits and some of which even enable you to perform unique stunts or activities (e.g the martial arts outfit which gives your character a unique stance and attack).
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