High School Simulator 2019

How to Climb Rooftops in High School Simulator?

How to Climb Rooftops in High School Simulator?
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When we had our first try on the game, we've managed to find our way to the school's rooftop. However, we've been seeing some other online material showing screenshots of their characters on top of the tallest buildings in the game, and so we tried looking for any building that has at least a way up to its top floor -- and we found none. Apparently, the way to get to a building's roof top is not anywhere close the conventional way.

How to Climb Rooftops in High School Simulator?
To get there, you 'll have to fiddle around with the physics of the game through the game settings button. Simply click the settings button and then pick the infinity jump button as indicated on the image below. This function works like that of CP9's mid-air dash in the anime Onepiece -- you are able to jump mid-air and continuously propel yourself higher by simply jumping in succession. Now with that option enabled, you will simply have to repeatedly press the "A" button and your character will now be able to keep jumping even while at mid-air.

How to Climb Rooftops in High School Simulator?
The same trick works when you are riding a vehicle and for instance you'd want to reach a spot where you'd typically not be able to reach through normal means. When you are riding the pertaining vehicle of choice, use the nudge function (similarly by pressing the "A" button while riding the vehicle), and by continuously pressing it, the vehicle will start to float. While floating mid-air, you can accelerate and navigate with the directional jog and the vehicle will move towards that direction. We hope this tip sparks the creative genius in you -- for you to try all the fun things in the game.

How to Climb Rooftops in High School Simulator?
(On the image above, we've managed to bring the off-roader inside the soccer field which by normal means you won't be able to do in the game.)

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