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Another interesting thing in the game - is the fact that its got its own battle system in place too. Well, its really not much of a battle as most of the targets do not even put up a fight. Nonetheless, be wary as some of the NPCs will chase you if provoked (being caught in their field of vision while holding a weapon). Not all usable weapons though can get NPCs provoked. Mainly the obvious ones like the knife, katana, and the gun.

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To enter the battle mode, you'll simply have to pick any usable weapon. Most of which sits right next to you (by the right) as soon as you start the game. What you have to do is simply go close to the item (e.g. pistol), and choose the option to pick it up (B). Also, pressing the same button while holding a weapon will disarm it and drop it again on the floor.

Weapons in the game include the following:

1. Knife
2. Handgun
3. Katana
4. Spear
5. Sledge Hammer
6. Bat
7. Axe
8. Magical Hat

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Among the weapons available in the game, probably the coolest one is the Magical Hat as your avatar gains floats in mid-air when using it. The range/reach of your magical attack is quite far too which is good for the times that the school is infested with Zombies (we've recently found out that there is a random occurrence in the game world where it sometimes become infested with zombies -- as shown on the image above). You should also know that the handgun has basically unlimited ammo (if that is your weapon of choice).

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