High School Simulator 2019

Beginner Tips
High School Simulator 2019 Guide

Beginner Tips

Although there aren't any particular objectives in the game, this doesn't mean that you won't encounter any problems while playing it. More importantly, having no in-game objectives shouldn't limit you trying to exhaust the things you can do. Now to help you figure some stuff relatively faster and easier, we've listed some of the best tips that you might want to know before you even play the game.

Nudging Vehicle - when you run over a fence or accidentally get stuck somewhere (which should be the case given the clunky input controls), you could press the jump button (A) to nudge the vehicle and give it a bit of help to free it.

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Changing Outfit - you might have noticed some spawn points of outfits in random areas in the game - but did you know that you can actually get random outfits even without having to look for the outfit spawn points within the map? To change your outfit, simply click the settings icon, and then the "costume" button.

Random Weapon - as with the costume change trick above, you can also call forth a random weapon anywhere, anytime in the game. To do this, simply go click the settings icon, and then the "weapon" button.

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Teleport - If you get lost, or for some reason you cant find a place you want to check, it is helpful to know that there are key spots in the game where you can instantly teleport. To do this, simply go click the settings icon, and then pick among the Locations to find there (buttons) and viola! You'll find yourself instantly transferred in that particular location. Options to find there includes the Pool, cafe, office, gate (school yard), rooftop, etc.

High Jump - you can enable the high jump in the settings and see your character jump through high ledges and easily dodge any incoming hostile (like a zombie or a provoked student).

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Infinity Jump - probably the most fun available hack in the game. Enabling the infinity jump can let you jump again in mid-air infinite times - which can easily take you to building rooftops and super high place where you'd typically not be able to reach. The cool thing about it, it works while you're riding a vehicle too - meaning if you are creative enough, you can even bring the bus on top of a building. Sweet!

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Magical Hat - wearing the magical hat doesn't only give you the capability of flight, it also enable you to use magic -- which is a form of attack to hostile NPCs like provoked students, or the zombies.

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