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High School Simulator 2019 Guide


One of the most interesting part of playing simulation games as such, is when you simply get to drive around different vehicles. In High School Simulator, you get the same perk and a wide variety of vehicles to try and drive too to boot. To get you started driving in this game, you might want head towards your left where the school's Car Park is located.

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There you'll find the wide assortment of vehicles to try including a tricycle (atv), some older sedans, an off-roader, and even a bus. There is also a bicycle located near the starting point (school gate). To ride any of these vehicles, you'll have to simply go near them and check the option (Y) or [ride] to pop-up in the options and press the said button. You'll be given the basic instructions regarding how to operate them.

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Nonetheless, here are the basics: when you have successfully ridden the vehicle, you can use the same button (Y) as the accelerate button, accompanied by the directional left button to help steer it. (X) serves as the reverse button, and (A) to nudge it when you get stuck. Lastly, to get off the vehicle or drive mode, simply press (B). Take note too that driving around in vehicles in this game is by no means easy. In fact it is hard and the controls are just way too clunky. Nonetheless, with a little practice, you'll pretty much get the hang of it.

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(the vehicle on the image above is the tricycle -- which you'd probably want to try on slopes or try to get inside the school's main building and try it's limits; whether its plausible to bring it up the rooftop through the stairs.)

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(this is the off-roader in the game. If you're tired of getting stuck at the side rails in the game, this is one vehicle you just might want to try)

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(the bicycle is considered mainly as object in the game and has different controls than that of other vehicles)

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(the bus drives similar to that of other vehicles in the game although its default view is the only thing different)

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