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What Activities Can I Do in High School Simulator?
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What Activities Can I Do in High School Simulator?

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Given the rather non-typical nature of the game - having no in-game objectives at all, you're probably trying to figure out what else you can do within the game. Well for starters, you can drive around using the different Vehicles (check the list of vehicles and how to get to them on the "Vehicles" part of the guide) found in the game. Another thing to check out are the various outfits that the game has - some of which even has special stunts or sets of movements like for instance the martial arts outfit which gives you character a unique set of stance and attacks.

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Another thing to do is to attack NPCs in the game. Mind you though that the students would automatically become hostile when they see you carrying a lethal weapon. They won't kill you, but they will nonetheless run towards you and disarm you (which is freaky at first because you might have assumed nothing moves much in the game). If you are into that kind of killing spree kind of entertainment, you can actually enable the zombie mode of the game -- which in turn will bring in some zombie infestation in the game world. Use this chance to try and use the assortment of Weapons found in the school yard.

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You can also try to fiddle around and tweak the physics of the game to try and amuse yourself with what you can do in-game. Our best pick among the options are enabling the hair physics with the Infinity Jump. It just makes an awesome sight to see your character jump as high as it can and then watch the free fall.

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