High School Simulator 2019

How Do You Teleport in High School Simulator?

How Do You Teleport in High School Simulator?
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How Do You Teleport in High School Simulator?
When we had our first try on the game, we've managed to roam around the proximity of its world in less than 5 minutes. Upon finding out that the game world was quite limited, we thought; was that all there is to it? However, when you try to find all the small details in the game, you'd be surprised to find a lot and suddenly becomes not too limited at all. In fact its even got a way to teleport you into its different points of interest (or attractions).

While playing the game, when trying to fiddle around with the possibilities that you can do, one of the things you'll be doing is trying to go back and forth different locations to check for unique interactions when you obtain something new (for instance purchasing a gift). This is when it becomes all too tedious to walk or even drive towards one place to another. Luckily, the game has some prefixed spawn points where your character can easily teleport to.

How Do You Teleport in High School Simulator?
To get there, simply click the settings button and then pick among the choices of locations where you'd want the game to take you (as seen on the image above). There is also no limit to using this function so take your time to find all the different points of interest in the game and figure out the activities you can do there.

How Do You Teleport in High School Simulator?
The pool and soccer field both have something unique to offer - which is of course are their pertaining sports-relevant activities. There isn't any additional perk to it, but trying something different in this game is still a plus.
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