Heroes and Castles 2


Heroes and Castles 2 Guide

- Elves and mages deal magic damage. This is essential against certain enemies such as ghosts. Read the bestiary and keep an eye out for enemies who require magical attention.

- Enemies who are immune to magic must be countered with physical damage dealers- like Knights.

- Ranged units are obviously effective in bright, clear areas with line-of-sight. They're only half as useful in a battlefield full of huge boulders. They're all but useless in fog or darkness.

- Torchbearers help light up targets in the dark, but they must be close to the enemy for this. Dwarven Ironhelms make awesome bodyguards.
- Bone Giants and other slow, tough enemies should be brought down with upgraded ranged units and plenty of knights

- Shield knights will protect against Enemy Archers, while elven hunters can usually out-range the enemy.

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