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Earning Crystals

Earning Crystals
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Crystals= The only currency in the game.

There should really need to be any grinding to get crystals. You should get the appropriate amount in the flow of the game, provided you understand the "flow of the game."

If you are feeling short on crystals, you are probably missing the "Achievements". Once you start getting new heroes, you can get into a pattern of "crystal earning" as each hero has their own set of Achievements and Rewards.

Also, the more lands you own, the more bonus treasure you'll find, as well as the land's inherent bonus... So, make sure to capture as many lands as you can!

Later on you'll be finding Treasure Chests after every battle with random loot and Crystals in them.

You get 1 crystal per battle, you get crystals (or items) in Tresure Chests and there are several territories that automatically award you a crystal every 5 battles that you fight anywhere.

So, each time you conquer a land you will get 1 crystal (or more) and each time you defend it you will also get a crystal. There will never be a shortage of battles to fight, as you will have lands that are under attack all the time.

Or you could just, you know, buy them:

Crystals - 30 $0.99

Crystals - 75 $1.99

Crystals - 200 $4.99

Crystals - 500 $9.99

Crystals - 1,250 $19.99

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