Heroes and Castles 2

Wave 29

Wave 29
Heroes and Castles 2 Guide

Elven Hunters need to be at max level.
Start with one bannerman: Research fast shot and then general's rally

Summon an Elven Hunter and then stick them on Auto-Summon. They should automatically start attacking the bad guy's wall units.

By this time up to 3 necromancers should be summoned by the horde, and you need to get rid of them ASAP, or they will overrun you with skeletons and take out your Elven Knights.

You can damage the enemy's Keep/Crystal without destroying a wall first. You have to get the angle right to hit it past the wall. Some shots will hit the wall..

You main job is to destroy the right side wall, while making sure the horde can’t have Necromancers walking around to summon.

Once you get rid of the wall, destroy the enemy's base.

By the time you are killing your third wave of Necromancers, your Elves should have the wall clear and should be working on damaging it.

Alternatively-- Cast Heightened Senses when killing the first Necromancers to easily clear them without having them summon anything. They need to be outside the gate to be killed.
Right after the effect ends, re-cast it. It should allow you to freely hit the walls as much as you need.

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