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Heroes and Castles 2

Review: Return to the Battlefield with Heroes and Castles 2

The long-awaited sequel to Foursaken Media's original RPG/Tower Defense hybrid has finally arrived, letting players assume a familiar command at the forefront of huge mythologically diverse armies in a valiant attempt to attack, defend and conquer some truly terrifying foes.

The game costs $1.99 and offers a few in-app purchases:
Crystals - 30 $0.99
Crystals - 75 $1.99
Crystals - 200 $4.99
Crystals - 500 $9.99
Crystals - 1,250 $19.99
The available purchases go towards the purchase of the game's only currency- Crystals. Crystals are used to unlock new characters, upgrade everything and purchase weapons; but the neat thing is that the developers specifically designed the gameplay to allocate in-game crystal earning to facilitate gradual awesomeness instead of instant OP, but the option to purchase is there as a way to show some extra support to the developers.

When you first pick up the game, it feels like an open invitation to mow down hoards of demons single handedly like some kind of immortal medieval king-shaped person (or elf or dwarf.) And you can! For approximately one round of home castle invasion defense... After ignoring the initial tutorial and getting completely destroyed in your pathetic attempt beast-mode through waves 2-30, it begins to dawn on you that this is not "that kind" of game. Heroes & Castles 2 is, at its very core, a beautifully animated, kind of challenging, super fun game of strategy and planning. Every evil force has an equal and opposite counter unit, but it is up to you as the commander to figure out what that unit is and how to get the most out of their strengths on the battlefield.

For long-time fans of Foursaken Media's growing catalog of games, that previous entire paragraph is a given. And although you all were probably first in line to snatch up the game, let me tell you why this installment is necessary and awesome.

Heroes and Castles 2 is an expansion and improvement of the first title. This newest addition includes: controller support, an option to listen to your own music, new races and classes of heroes, a deeper combat system, multiplayer modes, super awesome weapons, and intricate 3-D animations.

I played the game all of the way through with a few crashes and a ton of operator failure. It took me way longer than I am sure it took anyone else in the entire world, but I couldn't put it down. The gameplay never seemed tedious or repetitive, which in retrospect may have been a direct result of my blatant awfulness. I would do each round a little differently and have to adjust my troops accordingly with varying degrees of success. It was literally an adventure and I can't say that about too many mobile games.

I gave the game 4.5 stars and vow to fill in that fifth star after playing with the promised update that is due out on the App Store any day now.
4.5 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar (Mallary) | May 22nd 2015

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Review by GuestSep 3rd 2021
Personally I really love this game, and I’ve been playing it for months, and I just love the time that’s put into really customising ur heroes to make them ur own and experimenting with different unit combinations.
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Review by GuestJul 31st 2019
Mount&blade with lotr elements but you recruit in the middle of battle and destroy walls instead climbing the cursed thing

Thats pretty much it

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