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Problems & Solutions

Problems & Solutions
Heroes and Castles 2 Guide


It always pays to have a good grasp of the flow of battle, especially in defeat. The key is to observe, rather than spend all your attention on your own power fantasy ("Look at me take on this mummy in single combat!"). Wars are usually won by armies, not individuals - the enemy proved this when they beat you.

Main Problems and Common Solutions

1. One or two types of enemy overrunning your defenses

Solution- Any situation which results in the enemy dishing out damage without getting at least their fair share in return (either in damage or time) is a losing situation.

Once you can identify the chief troublemakers (usually the ones slaughtering half your army), you've already won - you simply need to counter them with the right troops. Visit the Scribe in your castle and read the Bestiary to find out how.

2.. One or two types of your own troops being particularly ineffective on the field (perhaps not causing as much damage as they should, or lacking in numbers to make a significant difference)

Solution-Usually encountered by people who send out a bunch of troops without paying attention to who they send or why then sent them. This requires a little more case-by-case analysis on your part - you need to look at who is attacking you and send out the troops that will counter those enemies the best.

Early Waves Shield Knight/ Militia for Physical Damage and then Pikemen/ Elf Warriors for Magic Damage

Median Waves Captain combined with Shield Knights

Later Waves Elven Archers, Graybeards on the wall, and Ground Troops tailored to oncoming enemies.

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