Heroes and Castles 2

So, What Kind of Game is This Anyway?

So, What Kind of Game is This Anyway?
Heroes and Castles 2 Guide

You control one character in this game and you defend your castle by beating up enemies and by spawning units that fight alongside you. There are also systems taken from RPGs, such as leveling, assigning skills and equipping items.
It has RPG elements such as leveling up, usable equipment (weapons, armor, shields, runes), lots of stats, and classes.

In battle, you control your hero in 3rd person and defend your castle while also summoning units to fight beside you. You can upgrade your castle, units and towers in between waves.

Best way to think of it is like a classic lane defense strategy game with 3D animation where the player not only assigns AI units, but also can control a character and fight in battle.

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