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Heroes and Castles 2 Guide

**NOTE** If your ally units are the correct unit for countering the enemy, but don't seem to be getting the job done, make sure to upgrade them a level or two.

Unlocking Some units are unlocked by conquering locations on the world map. Look in the location description for any potential unlockables. Some unlock by upgrading different aspects of your castle, generally defensive and utility units.

Also, keep upgrading the Base Crystal. You unlock units as it levels up.

Captain- Pretty much everyone's favorite ally. Unlocks as the crystal is upgraded.
Elves- deal magic damage.
Lionguard Elves- Lion guard elves with the elf race research boost makes them absolute monsters on the battlefield
Pathfinder is the key to killing any high health enemies.
Captains- Improve your DEF stat.
Priests- Instantly heal only the Hero when he runs out of HP. He wanders the field.
Elven Healers- Stay at the castle and slowly heal member of your army, but not the Hero.
Blackguard- an absurdly powerful fighter that never leaves the boundaries of your walls

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