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Heroes and Castles 2 Guide

Races & Classes
Each race has 3 classes.
Each class has 4 active and 16 passive skills.
Each of these skills are broken down into 4 tiers (skill tree).
For any race, you can mix, match and branch out the classes.

Each race has a mage type, a main combat type and either a support or ranged type.

Each Hero costs 10 crystals.
There is a grind if you want to level your heroes up to match with your older heroes.

Each class still definitely has their own unique role, from paladin buffing units, to knight's offense, to elf ranger's ranged prowess to dwarf engineer's defense, etc...

Playing with multiple heroes has certain advantages: a safe-net if your hero dies, you can go and re-play the wave on all your heroes immediately once you know the strategy for defeating that wave, and you earn more crystals from waves and achievements with each hero.

Obviously, there are downsides as well: lots of time is required to get all heroes to the same level and keep them there and it is much more expensive to find, buy or upgrade armor for a whole bunch of naked Heroes.

Only humans can choose skills from the knight, paladin and mage class.
Only elves can choose skills from the ranger, grandmaster and druid class.
Only dwarves can choose skills from the engineer, berzerker and runesmith class.

The main tree under Dwarf is Engineer. It's a fun class if you want to play mainly as a defender and enjoy blowing things up. The Engineer tree has the Gunpowder Proficiency, which at its max= +65% additive Rifle/Repeater/Shotgun damage and armor piercing.
There's a hammer-specialist that imbues it with lightning, there's a gun-specialist, and the third is berserker
The Dwarven Runesmith has a skill that allows him to wield 2 handed weapons in one hand without losing any damage.

Elves can be Druids (summon spells)
Elf has the Grandmaster path, The Grandmaster however, focuses on offense, armor piercing, and quick kills, but sacrifices any sort of durability.
The Ranger doubles as a Rogue type character with some stealth and sneaky skills.
The Grandmaster/Ranger Elf- No direct Stealth, but camoflauge, high-precision, high-damage, high crit attacks, backstab, bullet time (slow down time), dodge skills, and high mobility effects.

Knight- In addition to getting Juggernaut and Taunt, Adrenaline is a great passive

Weapon Skill (WS)- , its an auto parry. Its actually a bit deeper than that, as its a comparison between the attackers WS and your WS to determine the chance. This applies to enemies too. Its one of the huge factors that offsets Elf's feebleness, at least in melee combat.

Armor (ARM)- At 100 ARM, no attack without armor piercing can do damag

Armor Piercing (AP)- The rate at which a weapon will deal damage through armor.

If you click one the little "i" button right next to the attributes, a full name and a description of the attributes pop up.

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