Four Days: World Defense

Turbo Diesel

Turbo Diesel
Four Days: World Defense Guide

Now this is a bit trickier. This is a large map that's entirely cut into two sides, (no) thanks to the barricade in the middle. Each side has its own exit and portal, so treat them as two smaller maps. The enemy flight path will be from the middle left of the map. The first active portal is in the eastern side. Like before, you have to manage your resources and divert the path so the enemies will go around from the northeast corner around to the southwest.

Turbo Diesel

For the western side of the map, you have to do the opposite. You have to divert the path so the enemies will start from the southwest corner moving to the northwest. At the 8th wave, enemy fliers will start coming in so you should have good anti-air defenses waiting on the western side of the map. The western portal will also become active on the 9th wave so after building your defenses on eastern side of the map, use the resources you'll earn from the first few waves to build the western defenses. At around Wave 20, both sides will alternately become active as well as the arrival of enemy air forces.

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