Four Days: World Defense

Four Days: World Defense Guide


You can use abilities by tapping the icons in the bottom-middle of the screen. After using an ability, you have to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again. You can also buy new commander abilities in the Tech Store for 15,000 credits each.

Deals heavy damage to both ground and air invaders in an area. This is your starting ability.
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Big Freeze
Enemies all over the map are frozen for a few seconds and prevents enemies from emerging from the portal(s) or arriving via air. This is the only consumable ability in the game. Once the charges are consumed, you have to recharge via the in-game Store.
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Energy Ball
Unleashes a blast of energy that travels along the path of enemies, damaging those on the ground.
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Targeted Freeze
Freezes all enemies within the targeted area for a short time.
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Scrap Recovery
Extra cash is received from defeated enemies for a short time.
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