Four Days: World Defense

Krug Compound

Krug Compound
Four Days: World Defense Guide

There are no barricades in this map but you have to be wary of the two middle exits and two portals. As you've previously learned in the previous maps, these setup will require you to block one portal to divert the enemy path away from the nearest exit and force it to merge with the other portal's projected path. Once this is achieved, you can proceed diverting the merged pathways to the most roundabout way you can do in this map.

Krug Compound

The enemy air forces will also come in from the south, near the southern portal so you can use skywatch towers or reaping towers and holding towers to block that portal at the same time secure a good anti-air position. At Wave 8, aerial enemies will arrive and the second portal will become active on the next two waves.

Krug Compound

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