Four Days: World Defense


Four Days: World Defense Guide

You'll start with 20 lives. The game will be over if all your lives are depleted. You'll lose one life per enemy that reaches the exit. It seems that no matter the enemy type, you'll just lose one HP if they manage to get through your defenses.


You'll have to battle through 60 waves of enemies with no breaks. Since there are no intervals between each wave as featured in other tower defense games, you won't get any bonuses for triggering the next wave before the usual timer runs out. This doesn't hinder the game's progression since players can earn resource bonuses simply by utilizing the effects of comms towers.

You need resources to build your defenses. You'll start with ample resources to build a basic defense. You can get additional resources by defeating invaders. Fortunately, invaders won't touch or attack your towers so you don't have to worry about repair costs as well.


There are no fixed paths in each map. The game will show you to the projected direction the ground enemies will take. Aerial enemies will follow a fixed flight path overhead but they won't be diverted or affected by positioning your towers. Take note that enemies will always take the shortest path to the exit. Strategically placing your towers so the enemies will be forced to take a longer route will increase your chances of victory. The game won't allow you to completely block off the path of enemies obviously.

Each map has several difficulties. Each "day" (difficulty) you survive, you'll unlock the higher difficulties. Endless Waves will be unlocked after surviving four days of the invasion.


If you're unsure about how a tower works, tap the tower and press and hold it to view more information. All towers will be available when you start a mission. Since you don't need to work hard to unlock them, you can quickly enjoy the benefits of each tower when you start the game.


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