Four Days: World Defense

Howler's Landing

Howler's Landing
Four Days: World Defense Guide

The map is pretty simple, with only one exit. You can place towers around the portal to the south and both sides to force the invaders to take the northern path, which is far away from the exit. It will be better to follow the tutorial strategy. Place a flamethrower, disruption and reaping tower around the portal then place a comm tower near them to get more credits per invader kill.

Howler's Landing

Flying enemies will also come in from the west so place at least two skywatch towers. As you earn credits, you can add more skywatch towers or upgrade the existing ones. Take note that there is large airborne enemy in the later wave so having at least three LV2 skywatch towers placed to the west and a couple more along the invaders' flight path to prevent them from slipping through.

Howler's Landing

At higher difficulties, expect the enemies to be much tougher and will be able to take a few hits before you can take them down. Make sure to use up some Tech Points to upgrade your towers. Prioritize the towers you use often like Flamethrowers, Disruption, Holding, Comms and Rocket.

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