Four Days: World Defense

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Four Days: World Defense Guide

There are two exits in this map. You may opt to block the southern exit to divert the enemy forces to the north. The enemies here will be a lot tougher, especially in the following waves so make sure you fully upgrade some of your core towers near the portal before spreading out your defenses. Like the tutorial, place a flamethrower beside the portal, a holding tower on its other side then place a disruption tower behind them. As the waves progress, consider placing rocket towers from behind the main tower lines so they can take advantage of their great range.

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At Wave 9, enemy fliers will start appearing so make sure you have at least two skywatch towers placed in the southwest corner. Place some skywatch towers along the flight path and add a holding tower later on if you want. You can place a comm tower along the flight path as well so you can earn extra credits from destroyed fliers.

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You may need to attempt the higher difficulties once you've upgraded the ranks of your main towers by farming Tech Points in easier maps. You may also have to change initial layout here a little since the enemies will be much beefier than before. Focus on planning the route you want the enemies to take then place holding towers in good intervals along the way. During the first 7 waves, concentrate on upgrading your towers near the portal. Having a gun tower installed along the way will help deal with fast but fragile enemies like spinners. Aerial enemies will start coming in at Wave 9 so make sure to at least place two Skywatch towers in the southwest corner.

Minh Manufacturing

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