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You have different items that you can get in the game such as gear, pets, mounts, outfits, and more. You might notice that each of them can help improve your character’s stats and power since they provide bonuses. But wait, there’s actually another category of items that provides more stats as well!

Treasures are items that are similar to your mounts where they provide you with bonus looks and even functions such as flying, but one of the best bonuses you can get are increased stats! In this guide, we’ll discuss how the treasure system works, so let’s get started.

How to unlock the Treasure System

Aside from traveling around in the game using your Mount, you’re able to acquire a treasure called Wings which enable you to fly with your character. In order for you to get this, you’ll have to play the game’s story until you reach level 19. This part will introduce you to treasures, then you’ll have to reach certain level milestones in order to complete the entire treasure feature. Simply follow the game’s quest progression and complete the following levels for your character:

  • 19

  • 28

  • 37

  • 39

  • 47

    Wings Treasure
    Wings Treasure

    Once you have completed all necessary quests, you’ll be able to access the treasure system and use your Wings to fly! You’ll notice however, that there are other treasures that can be obtained as well and you must unlock them. The second treasure can be claimed on your third-day login reward, while the third treasure can be unlocked at level 150 accordingly.

  • What do treasures do?

    Do treasures provide you with visual changes, or do they have functions unique to them only? Similar to mounts, your treasures can provide you with increased stats, as well as passive skills. They are items that are permanently with you, and your main focus is to upgrade your stat bonuses, and level up your treasures in order to gain passive skills.

    Treasure Stats and Skills
    Treasure Stats and Skills

    The bonuses that you get are shown on the upper right side, and this is similar for all types of treasure in the game. Take note that more treasure can be added in the future as well. But they all follow the same type of format in terms of their uses with stat bonuses and skills.

    How to increase the Character Stat Bonus

    Similar to mounts, you’ll have to use materials on the left-hand side of your treasure to increase the stat bonus that you have. The materials will vary depending on the treasure, so you must check your Wing, Arcana, and Miracle treasures to see where you can get them.

    Use materials to increase your stats
    Use materials to increase your stats

    If you click on each material, you’ll find the source where you can get them. Always use them since your treasures are unique, and they’ll provided you with much needed stats especially later on in the game. The character bonuses you get are shown through the green numbers on the right side.

    Leveling up your Treasures

    If the materials on the left increase your stat bonuses, then what does leveling up of treasures do? You’ll notice that there are skills that are colored in black and white on the lower side of the treasure, you’ll have to unlock them by reaching a corresponding level. Your treasures provide different passive skills depending on their level, and they can provide beneficial effects for your stats such as increasing your offensive and defensive capabilities.

    Passive skill unlocks
    Passive skill unlocks

    The level up materials can be checked individually so you’ll know where to get them. This can be one of the long processes in the game since your treasures can reach levels above 200. However, the bonuses that you can get for your character can be worth it in making them stronger.

    More treasure can be added through updates in the future, but at least they follow the same rules in terms of stats and acquisition of skills. Adding them to your list of items to check and upgrade will help you with making your character have better power.

    We hope this guide has helped you understand more about the game’s treasure system. More guides will be provided to you in our pages so please check out the guide menu on the right-hand side. You can also head to our Answers Page if you want to submit a question of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you also have tips and tricks that you can share as well!

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