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Class and Sub Class Guide (part 1)

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Class and Sub Class Guide (part 1)

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MMORPGs provide you with different types of character classes that have ranging roles in the game. Some classes focus on offenses, while some can provide defensive and supportive capabilities. In Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, this is no different. There’s a role available for your style of gameplay, so knowing about each of the classes in the game can help you with what you want to pursue on.

Not only do classes in this game provide a type of gameplay, but you can personalize them further since each class can have specializations, and these provide you with more variety in the game as well as your role. Our Class guide will provide you with an overview of their capabilities, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

How many classes are there in this game?

In MMORPGs, there usually are three types of character classes where they excel in. You can group them to DPS (Damage per Second), Tanks, as well as Support. These roles are all available in the game, and they are spread throughout 7 classes in the game.

Some focus on their roles, while others can have hybrids as well. This provides you with more options in the game if you have specific gameplay choices. Once you reach level 29 in the game’s story, you’ll be then asked to choose a Sub-Class that will affect your character’s role. Take note however, that classes in this game are gender locked. Here are the classes that are available for you to play:

  • Warrior (Male): Sub Class to Paladin or Hexblade
  • Mage (Female): Sub Class to Elementalist or Arcanist
  • Rogue (Male): Sub Class to Assassin or Shadow
  • Priest (Female): Sub Class to Celestial or Oracle
  • Vampire (Male): Sub Class to Flamebringer or Shadow Crafter
  • Gunner (Female): Sub Class to Gunslinger or Artificer
  • Ranger (Male): Sub Class to Sharpshooter or Jungle Hunter

  • Class Stats

    When creating your character for the first time, you’ll get a glimpse of each class role by looking at their main stats. When choosing your class for the first time, you can review them by checking their description on the right side, as well as the stat spread. Here is the list of stats as well as their functions:

  • DAM: Damage – Refers to the damage output a character can provide. This determines how fast your opponent will last in battle as their health is reduced by your character’s attacks.
  • SURVI: Survivability – Refers to how much health points and defensive capability your character has. Having high survivability lets you take in more damage versus other enemies, as you protect those around you.
  • SUP: Support – Refers to healing as well as other skills that provide you with bonuses in order to turn the battle into your favor. This can refer to the capability of strengthening your team, keeping them alive, and more.
  • CONT: Control – Refers to effects that you can deal to enemies that can change the tide of battle. You can cripple enemies, freeze them, render them unable to attack, weaken them, and so forth.
  • MOBIL: Mobility – Refers to the movement capabilities of your character. This can include having skills that let you dodge attacks, getting higher movement speed, and letting yourself position properly to get the best location for attacks and defenses.

    With these in mind, you should be able to view each class and check what their roles are. Warriors can function as DPS and Tank due to having good DAM and SURVI, and Mages can be good at DAM and CONT. If you’re still unsure which class to pick, let’s review them each below.

  • Warrior Class

    One of the classic choice of classes in any MMORPG. Warriors excel in melee combat, offering damage as well as tanking capabilities. If you check their stats, they are very balanced in terms of their stat coverage since they have high survivability, and good damage, control, and mobility. They can be played by anyone, and they provide you with a class that can handle solo and team related features in the game with ease.


    This class requires close range to enemies in order to deal damage. And thanks to their high survivability, they can take on damage and protect other characters. Your role however, can be focused further based on the type of sub-class that you choose.

    Paladin: Focusing more on their survivability in order to protect others, they ae hard to take down. They can control the tide of battle by staying alive and getting the enemy’s attention. Choosing the Paladin Sub-Class will let you focus on the pure tanking capabilities in MMORPGs.

    Hexblade: If you prefer a more damage-oriented warrior, then the Hexblade provides this. With increased damage however, comes with reduced survivability. They focus on their melee capabilities in order to make each hit count when fighting, so they won’t be able to go around the field with the lack of mobility skills.

    Mage Class

    Dealing damage from afar with spells, as well as providing different character control capabilities, they can use their powerful spells to take out enemies as fast as possible, or help your team mates by whittling their movement and more. Since their stats focus more on damage and control, they’ll have lower survivability, mobility, and support.


    Mages are able to keep their distance with their opponents while tanks take on the enemies. With this kind of team work, you can then focus on providing as much damage as possible in order to take opponents down. However, it would be hard for you to survive a battle if your enemy is able to close in on you so mind your surroundings and keep your distance. Choosing your sub class will provide you with the following:

    Elementalist: Focusing on raw power and damage, changing to an Elementalist will provide you with more spells that have stronger effects in terms of damage. If you enjoy hard hitting characters in games then this sub class is for you.

    Arcanist: Being able to help your team mates through decent damage and an expansive array of control capabilities, Arcanists are suitable for strategic type of players who want to add extra properties to their foes in combat. This provides you with a hybrid sub-class of damage and control.

    Rogue Class

    If you prefer being stealthy, and delivery quick attacks, then the Rogue class is for you. They can move fast and provide good damage, but you’ll have to take notice of your health as well. Their stat distribution is also balanced like the Warrior where they have similar damage, survivability, control, and mobility. They however have low support skills since they focus on taking out their target as fast as possible.


    Rogues excel in movement better than other classes in the game. This lets you increase your survivability especially if you are familiar with opponent attacks and you can position yourself properly after. They can also render statuses on opponents to help with control. Changing to their corresponding sub-class will further define the role you play.

    Assassin: If you want to be more lethal, then the Assassin is for you. They focus on increased damage and mobility; however, they sacrifice a bit of their survivability in exchange. Having flashy attacks in quick succession, their main goal is taking down their targets as swift as possible.

    Shadow: Lingering in the shadows to help yourself go undetected, Shadows let you focus on your damage, but keep yourself safe as well by increasing your survivability. Though not as strong as Assassins in terms of damage, they are still able to withstand on their own and help take out enemies while still being alive.

    This concludes our first part of the guide regarding the classes in the game. Please check our second part as we provide you with the remaining classes. More guides will be provided to you in our pages so please check out the guide menu on the right-hand side. You can also head to our Answers Page if you want to submit a question of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you also have tips and tricks that you can share as well!

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