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How to get stronger Gear

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How to get stronger Gear

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Leveling up is one of your main goals in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, not only does this increase your stats, but you also get to access new features in the game as well as fight challenging bosses. As you progress through the game’s main story, you’ll notice that things can get more difficult to clear. You can only depend so much on stats, but you’ll also need to get stronger gear.

Gear is important because they provide you with most of the stat bonuses in order to make you stronger. They can affect your offense and defense, so you’ll want gear that’s suitable for your current level. In this guide, we’ll discuss about how to get stronger gear for your character, so let’s begin.

Unlocking the Gear system

Thankfully you don’t have to look far in to the game in order to gain access to gear. Following the game’s story and reaching level 7 at the start of the game will already provide you with the gear system. It would be best for you to continue following the story, since new gear provided can appear in your screen for you to wear immediately.

Complete Gear Quests when starting out
Complete Gear Quests when starting out

Aside from the game’s main quests, you’ll receive a guide quest that will provide you with gear already. If you’re new to the game, try to complete these gear quests within the time limit. It’s free gear that can help you with your leveling, and that wouldn’t hurt right?

Of course, your free gear from quests can only take you so far. Once you reach a certain level where enemies get more challenging, then you’ll need to find out how to make your gear stronger now. You’ll need to invest on getting better gear, and then upgrading them later in order to provide better stats. Materials are hard to obtain, so you wouldn’t want any enhancements or upgrades done to weak gear right?

Getting higher grade Gear

So exactly how do you get better gear in the game? You’ll want to have some gear that you can wear and have no issues with enhancing and strengthening if at least have a good grade level. This way you’ll have gear that can last you for quite some time. Acquiring this will include some luck though, and it’s one through events.

Check Gear Banner Events
Check Gear Banner Events

If you check your screen in the game, click the Events button on the upper right side of the screen. Depending on the schedule of events, there are “Gear” banners available that you can participate in order to get a chance to obtain Premium as well as Epic grade gear.

Take note that events have certain attempt limits as well each day or week. So, maximize your attempts and participate in these events so you’ll get the chance to have better gear. Avoid enhancing or putting sockets on low grades since you can use them on better ones.

Strengthening your current Gear

Let’s say you have the Premium or Epic gear on hand already, but you’ll want to get stronger. Or let’s say you can’t finish the bosses yet due to not having enough stats. What should you do? Well, strengthening your gear is a long-term process, but you’ll start with enhancing first when you start out.

Save materials and use it on decent grade gear
Save materials and use it on decent grade gear

In order to maximize your Gear related features, you must level up to 100 at least to have all of it unlocked. This can include socketing gems, soul forge, and other features that will increase their stats further. In order to reach level 100, you’ll want to reach this level as fast as you can. You can check our leveling guide through the following page:

The interface of the gear system is clear and concise. It will show you the upgrades that can be added to your gear, so it’s going to be a part of your routine as well when leveling up. Gear must be strengthened through the gear features gradually, or else you might stress yourself out with the resources that are needed. Make the most with what with you have, and slowly get the materials as listed in the interface. Slowly, you’ll be able to do the upgrades that are needed!

We hope that this guide helps you on how to get better gear for your character. Getting stronger will enable you to play through the other features of the game as well. More guides will be provided to you in our pages so please check out the guide menu on the right-hand side. You can also head to our Answers Page if you want to submit a question of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you also have tips and tricks that you can share as well!

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