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In Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, there’s a variety of locations that you can go to. With these locations, comes different main quests, side quests, and all kinds of activities that you can complete. Part of completing these tasks is visiting different locations, and it can get daunting if you keep on running from place to play.

You’d like to get to your destination, as soon as possible right? This is where Mounts come in! Your trusty steed (or whatever creature or object) you ride will let you get to places faster. But are mounts just used for transportation, or is there more to them? Let’s find out.

Unlocking the Mount System

In a game filled with level locked features, you might wonder if mounts are accessible later in the game. Good news is that mounts are one of the first features that you can get access to while playing the game. Simply play the game’s main quest and you should be able to unlock Mount Rearing at level 10.

Reach Level 10
Reach Level 10

Once you have the mount unlocked, you’ll gain access to the Unicorn which is a Grade 1 Mount. Auto-pathing in quests will now use your mount instead of running, and you can manually summon your mount by tapping the horseshoe icon on your virtual joystick.

Mount Features

Aside from riding your mount from place to place, you might wonder if there are other uses for your Mount. Why does it have stats for instance if it doesn’t actually fight in the game? When opening the Mount button on the main menu, you’ll see the default upgrade page.

Mount Stats and Skills
Mount Stats and Skills

The Mount Stats provide different elements such as HP, Attack, Def, and more. But where is this feature used if they don’t provide any help during fights? Similar to Pets, leveling up your Mount will provide bonus stats that get added to your character. This means that as you strengthen your mount, you will get stronger as well in return. This is useful since it provides you with a lot of stat boosts!

If you check at the four icons below the mount, you’ll find that there are passive skills as well for your mount. This provides bonuses for your character since they increase your crit attack, res power, etc. Just click each skill for you to see more information about the passive skills that your mount has.

Upgrading Mount Stats

So how can you make your Mount’s stats more efficient? There are four items that you can use as consumables in order to provide better mount stat effects. To the left side of your mount, there are four hearts that are used to increase mount stats. Here are the items that you can use accordingly:

  • Gryphon Heart
  • Phoenix Heart
  • Demon Dragon Heart
  • Ancient Dragon Heart

    Mount Stat Upgrades
    Mount Stat Upgrades

    These hearts can be obtained from the Personal Boss raid, Advanced Treasure Maps, Super Treasure Maps, Grand Realm, as well as events. Reaching level milestones will increase your item usage limit which therefore provide better stats for your mount. When collecting these hearts, they’ll pile up on your mount interface, and applying them will use all hearts.

  • Mount Upgrade

    Beneath the mount stats, you’ll notice that there’s a mount upgrade section. Isn’t upgrading stats for your mount considered as upgrades already? Well, it’s different in Forsaken World since increasing your mount upgrade will provide a higher Grade rating as shown in the stars.

    Each Grade has 10 stars worth of upgrades
    Each Grade has 10 stars worth of upgrades

    The Cost will be Battle Mount Souls and Gold, the former of which can be obtained through the World Boss feature as well as the shop. Each Grade has 10 stars worth of upgrades and you start with a Grade 1 Unicorn. Once you maximize the number of upgrades has been added, your mount will then unlock to the next Grade and provide you with a new mount.

    New Mount Unlocked
    New Mount Unlocked

    There are 12 unlockable mounts in the game that can be unlocked based on grade upgrades. This will take a lot of battle mount souls and gold, but some mounts provide added effects such as 2 players being able to ride the mount, or perhaps the mount has flying capabilities. Here’s the list of mounts in the game that can be unlocked through grade upgrades:

    Grade Level
    Mount Unlock
    Grade 1
    Grade 2
    Rysengrad Warhorse
    Grade 3
    Mist Fox
    Grade 4
    Astral Deer
    Grade 5
    Whiteblade Lion
    Grade 6
    Grade 7
    Eternal Flower
    Grade 8
    Emerald Rabbit
    Grade 9
    Patrolling Dragon
    Grade 11
    Azure Sky
    Grade 15

    Your Mount Stats and skills are shared across all mounts so you shouldn’t worry about strengthening them. Use all of the hearts that you find, and upgrade your mounts using your battle mount souls. The higher your mount stats are, then the stronger your character will be as well with the bonus stats you receive.

    Rare Mounts

    If you check the Rare tab under mounts, you’ll find unlockable mounts that can be obtained from different locations in the game such as events, arena redemption points, and more. These mounts have different stats and they will cost different upgrades that your basic grade mounts. You can scroll the list to find their unlock requirements accordingly.

    Rare Mount List
    Rare Mount List

    If you want to get stronger already in the game, then focus on your regular mounts first. Consider the rare mounts as bonuses just in case you obtain them. Your regular mounts will provide you with an incentive already since the Nidhogg mount looks very cool as well.

    We hope that this guide has helped you learn more about the mounts in the game. More guides will be provided to you in our pages so please check out the guide menu on the right-hand side. You can also head to our Answers Page if you want to submit a question of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you also have tips and tricks that you can share as well!

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