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Regular Events

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There are so many features in the game and this can include events. You might wonder if some game features are scheduled or not, but thankfully this is what Regular Events follow. The game’s Event page lets you challenge different kinds of events in order to get rewards, and they are all recurring in the game by following a schedule.

Here, we’ll discuss the event interface, as well as how to check the event’s schedule, and Vigor rewards. The events system help you check which possible categories of activity in the game you’ll want to focus on, and you’ll be able to see the rewards in advance as well, let’s begin!

Level your character up to 60 and above

The game will bug you to participate in events as soon as possible, but it’s best for you to at least level your character first before participating. There are event categories which are locked based on your current level, so trying to join events when just starting out can limit your choices. Once you reach level 60, you can work your way up to level 110 since this is the maximum challenge event you can participate in.

If you check the different events in the game, you’ll be able to you can’t participate through a red text indicating the level requirement. So slowly level your way up, you can check our Level up guide for more information on how to maximize your EXP gains.

Checking the Event Schedule

If you click the Event button the main screen, you’ll be able to find the regular events page with different types of activities. However, you’ll notice every now and then that the events change in terms of content. What if you’re searching for a specific type of event only?

You can set reminders for events
You can set reminders for events

On the lower left side of the events screen, you can press the “Week” button in order to bring up the game’s event schedule. This will list the events that are upcoming for the week, and you’ll be able to refer to the Drop tab in order to see which events provide specific rewards. This way, you can focus on a certain type of event if you want.

Events can involve EXP, your Gear, enhancing your items, stats, and more. Or perhaps you’re the dungeon explorer type, so you can check all dungeon related events that are upcoming for the week. You can even configure an alarm for your phone to alert you of specific ongoing events.

Event Types

Checking the events in the game can be categorized through four sections. Daily events, Limited Time events, Challenge events, and Casual events. Browsing through all events will let you see the attempts that are available for you. Some events have limited entries while some can be done in an unlimited manner.

Check Event labels
Check Event labels

The main important feature you’ll need to check is the banner of each event on the upper left side. You’ll be able to check labels of the events to what they can relate to. For example, High EXP events help with leveling out, Gear events help you obtain new gear pieces, Contribution labels will help you with guild related activities.

There are a lot of events so don’t stress yourself out with completing them. Focus on the labels of events and participate in the ones that you need the most instead. If you’re low leveled, you’ll want the EXP related events. If you are focusing on getting better gear, then you can focus on its specific category.

Vigor Points and Rewards

You’ll notice that there’s a list of rewards that can be unlocked at the bottom. This is your Vigor Points accumulation and rewards. You can check events in the game that provide you with Vigor beside the Attempts.

Vigor Points Reward System
Vigor Points Reward System

Vigor rewards help you get currencies, and it’s a decent amount as well. Getting 240 total Vigor will enable you to get all rewards for that specific day until the server resets for events. This is a good way to strengthen your character since you get materials for gear enhancement and mount upgrades as well.

We hope this guide has helped you understand more about the regular events in the game! More guides will be provided to you in our pages so please check out the guide menu on the right-hand side. You can also head to our Answers Page if you want to submit a question of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you also have tips and tricks that you can share as well

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