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Class and Sub Class Guide (part 2)

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Class and Sub Class Guide (part 2)

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Welcome back to our second part of our Class Guide! If you have checked part 1, you have seen the overview of the classes, stats, as well as the first three classes of the game. We shall be continuing the remaining classes in this guide as well as their sub class specialties.

Different roles are available in this game, so being able to choose the one for you will help you further. Sub classes let you play a variation of the class you’ve chosen, so let’s continue!

Priest Class

The main support class in the game, Priests are the main healers that help their team keep up. They provide buffs as well that can provide bonuses to team members, and they have some skills at least to help manage things on their own. They are vital to a team as they have the highest support stat in the game, letting others survive as much as possible.


Priests in Forsaken World aren’t all helpless on their own, they can deal some damage even if not as fast as others, but they have good survivability and regenerating capabilities. This means that they last longer in the battlefield compared to other classes. Your role for supporting will be dependent on your Sub-Class as follows:

Celestial: If you want to go all out in terms of supporting your team mates, then the Celestial sub class is for you. They focus on improving their buffs, as well as healing capabilities which in turn helps keep their party alive much longer. Later in the game, enemies can get stronger, and having a good Celestial is needed in most modes of the game.

Oracle: If you want to be able to fend for yourself, then the Oracle is a good sub class for you. You won't be able to provide as much support capabilities as the Celestial, however you still have some base priest capabilities as well as damage that can help out. You can choose this sub class if you enjoy Solo content as well.

Vampire Class

A unique class that lets you experience both close- and long-range attacks. They can provide melee damage as well as spells in order to attack enemies from afar. If you’re into hybrid game styles, then this class is for you. When looking at their stats, you’ll see that they have high survivability and damage. Their hybrid role lets them deal damage in whatever position you choose, but take note that they don’t have good support and control capabilities.


Switching between close and long-range attacks will mean that you’ll have to check your opponent’s behavior as well in order to know which mode you’ll want to use. Vampires provide a challenge in this game since they have varied movement as well. Their role gets differentiated further once you pick a Sub class for them.

Flamebringer: Now being able to wield fire in order to assist with their damage further, Flamebringers provide good DPS and can be used as needed in terms of positioning against their enemies. They can close in to focus damage, or help take down from afar.

Shadowcafter: Gaining capabilities to call in bats to assist you in battle, you can now redirect damage provided against you and gain better survival. Shadowcrafters can help other main tanks in their roles by providing decent damage up close, and use your bats to help protect yourself and boost your capabilities.

Gunner Class

One of the long ranged DPS classes in the game, Gunners can provide damage assistance from afar with their guns and technology. They can provide high DPS in exchange for their low health, similar to what they call a Glass Cannon. If you look at their stat distribution, they have high damage, support, and mobility, however the rest of their stats are low.


Gunners are quite flashy with their attacks and skills; you’ll be relying on your movement capabilities and range in order to keep yourself safe. However, once you get hit, expect that it will hurt. Their sub classes can change focus on their role, but they can also change it.

Gunslinger: This Sub Class continues its focus from the Gunner where you’re able to deal more damage and have good mobility. This is a high damage dealing class, however they’re very frail so be careful when getting hit.

Artificer: They employ technology in their arsenal and can lay out traps, gain buffs, and have more control with their devices. This provides you with a hybrid of damage and control, and they’re more technical to use that gunslingers. If you want strategic use of skills, then this sub class is for you.


The other main long ranged DPS class in the game, Rangers provide good DPS through shooting their arrows from afar, and they can do so in an agile manner. They have different movement capabilities that help them align themselves properly so they can strike. If you check their stats, they have high damage, decent survivability, ad well as good control.


Rangers not only get help from arrows, but they can also have skills related to nature as well as the elements. Depending on your choice of Sub Class, they can even get the help from other creatures as well.

Sharpshooter: Focusing on their damage dealing capabilities, Sharpshooters increase their output of arrows as well as skills that can help control other enemies through Ice. With freezing arrows on hand, not only they can take down opponents, but they can stop crowds on their tracks.

Jungle Hunter: Getting the help of creatures and nature, Jungle Hunters focus on crowd control and mobility. They can get buffs from nature in order to increase their stats, and call on others to help deal damage.

Different roles will let you experience the game with variation thanks to the skills that are used by the characters. Thankfully you can switch servers and test out different characters by creating test-characters if you feel like having one of each. You can also have multiple characters in one account. Knowing which role would suit for you will help you in strengthening your character since you’ll be able to control them much better.

This concludes our second part to our Class and Sub Classes. More guides will be provided to you in our pages so please check out the guide menu on the right-hand side. You can also head to our Answers Page if you want to submit a question of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you also have tips and tricks that you can share as well!

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