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Room 1

Room 1
Can You Escape 2 Guide


Room 1 or Level 1

This is a single view room as seen below with a TV, draws and wooden box to the left and a vent and chest of draws to the right as items of interest.

Room 1

The steps below will help you escape from the room, They do not need to be done in the exact order shown.

Step 1: Tap on the draws to the right of the screen. On top is a telephone, tap on this to show the phone. Then tap on the ON/OFF button to reveal a bar graph code as show in the image. You will need this code for a further step.

Room 1

click the arrow bottom left to return to the room view.

Step 2: Tap the 3 small draws to the left of the exit door to get a close up view of them. Taping on each draw will open them and in the right most draw you will find a remote control. Tap on it to remove it and place it in your inventory.

Room 1

again click the arrow bottom left to return to the room.

Step 3: Tap on the wooden box to the lower left of the room. You will see an area with 6 movable blocks of wood that for a lock for the box.

Room 1

Setting the height of these blocks to match the code found in Step 1 will unlock the box. Tap on each block the number of times specified in the code to raise its height. (3 taps for the first etc). This will open the box and reveal a key. Tap on it to place it in your inventory.

Step 4: Tap on the remote control in your inventory to select (highlight) it. Then tap on the TV to turn it on. This will reveal a code of 4 objects. Remember this code.

Room 1

Step 5: Tap on the grill / vent to the right of the Exit. There is a keyhole at the top. Tap the key to select it and then tap the key hole to open the vent. Behind the vent is a display screen. Tap on it to move in closer and then tap the switch on the left to activate it. You will see 4 stars.

Room 1

Tap each star to cycle through a set of symbols until they match the ones seen in the code on the TV (Step 4). As soon as they match the door will open and you have completed the level.

Room 1

Tap the exit to proceed to the next room.


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