Can You Escape 2

Can You Escape 2

Can you escape again

Can you escape again
Can you escape 2 is a room escape puzzle challenge game from MobiGrow. One of many similar games they have released across various platforms including Android, iOS and Facebook. It is a free game with ads, but no in game purchase.

The game was released in March 2014 and to date has 8 rooms to play and escape from. With a further 7 (total 15) listed as coming soon. This gives it a very limited amount of play time at the moment but hopefully the rest of the rooms will be along soon. As a free game though it does give value and is fun to figure your way through each room.

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It is ad supported but the ads are not obtrusive. Unless you use the option to view the help/hints in the game, then you get to watch an advert video first. But if you are stuck then you can use our walkthrough to help you pass to the next room.

The game itself plays well and each room has a fair degree of complexity to the amount of objects and clues that you have to find, usually over 2 or more room views. Sequences of numbers or symbols need to be discovered and remembered and small puzzles solved to progress. It is a good challenge, but the replay value is limited. Although its not easy to remember all the escape clues hidden in the rooms so coming back to repeat it later would give a similar experience.

The rooms look pretty good. There are no animations or complex graphics but they have made a good effort to make the environments look real. The in game music is standard looped stuff but it is easy to turn off.

This is another simple puzzle game of the consistently popular room escape genre and it does a good job at providing a challenge. But with so few rooms it will not hold your attention for too long. I am looking forward to the update when it comes.
3.2 / 5.0
review by Mark | Sep 22nd 2014

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