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Room 2

Room 2
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Room 2 or Level 2

This is a single view room as seen below with a small draw unit, a bottle and glasses on a table and a button panel on the left of the door; and a bookshelf and blocked panel on the right side as the items of interest.
Room 2
The steps below will help you escape from the room, They do not need to be done in the exact order shown.

Step 1: Tap on the draw unit on the left bottom of the screen, then Tap on the top area of it to open it and reveal a crowbar. Tap on that to place it in your inventory.
Room 2

Step 2: Tap on the right side of the screen top change the view to the bookshelf. To the lower left is a panel blocked by a board. Tap on it to get a closer look.
Room 2
Then select the crowbar in the inventory and tap on the board to remove it. Tap again on the panel to open it and find a corkscrew behind. Tap on this to collect it into the inventory.

Step 3: While still looking at the bookcase tap on the model police car to get a closer view. Remember the 3 numbers on the license plate.
Room 2

Step 4: Return to the full room view and then tap on the table to the left. This will show you the bottle and glasses. Select the bottle opener and tap on the top of the bottle. This opens the bottle and you can then tap it again to remove the rolled scroll of paper into your inventory.
Room 2

Step 5: Tap back to the book case view and tap on the letters shown on the lower shelf. then select the scroll from your inventory and tap on the letters to place the paper over the letters leaving 3 uncovered.
Room 2

Step 6. You now have 3 numbers and 3 letters. From the main room view tap the button panel to the left of the door. Enter the 3 number code in the top 3 squares, and the 3 letters in the bottom.
Room 2
This will illuminate the green light. You can now escape the room.

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