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Room 8

Room 8
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Room 8 or Level 8

This level has 2 views. THe first has a bed with a suitcase on it and a wall mounted box to the right. A desk and a yellow ticket machine to the left.
Room 8
The second view has a sofa to the left, a book shelf on the back wall and a standing white board to the right.
Room 8

Step 1: Tap on the Desk to the left of the main view. Then tap on the bin seen to the left. Inside is a ticket. Tap to collect it.
Room 8

Step 2: Also while looking at the desk, tap on the lego model on the top left to get a closer view. Then tap the wheel section to collect a small cog wheel.
Room 8

Step 3: Also on the Desktop tap on the right hand side to view closer and then tap on the light switch to turn on the lamp.This reveals a code on the desk.
Room 8

Step 4: Back in the desk view tap on the centre draw with the 4 yellow buttons. Here you need to enter the code above, but again the buttons dont always control the corresponding number.
Button 1 controls digit 1.
Button 2 controls digit 1 and 3.
Button 3 controls digit 2 and 4.
Button 4 controls digit 3 and 4.
Room 8

To enter the code 2436 from the start
Tap button 4 - 2 times, then tap button 3 - 4 times. Then tap button 2 - 1 time. Then tap button 1 - 1 time.
The draw should open and inside is a handle. Tap to collect it.
Room 8

Step 5: In the main view tap on the wall mounted cupboard and then select the handle and tap the cupboard to place the handle. Tap again to open the door and inside find a battery. Tap to collect it.
Room 8

Step 6: Return to the desk view and tap to the right on the small box with coloured lights.
Room 8
When you are viewing it closely tap it to turn it over and then again to remove a panel. Select the battery from your inventory and ta the box again to insert it.
Room 8
Then tap the back arrow until you are viewing the front of the box again.

Step 7: Tap the box to make the lights display a colour sequence. This will give you a code. Each light flashes a number of times.
Green 3, Yellow 2, Red 4, Blue 5.

Step 8: Return to the main view and tap on the suitcase on the bed. Here is a new entry for the colour codes above. Tapping each column show a set of coloured lights. Tap them to match the pattern above.
Room 8
The suitcase will open and inside is a large cog wheel. Tap to collect it.

Step 9: In the second view. Tap on the blue train model on the book shelf to get a close view of the shelf. You will see a green ticket on the shelf, tap this again to view it, then tap to scratch off the lower panel. Revealing a 4 digit code.
Room 8

Step 10: Back on the second view tap on the box in the centre of the lower shelf to view closer. there is a 4 digit code entry panel. Enter the code found above.
Room 8
Inside is a magnet, tap to collect it.

Step 11: Also on the second view tap on the standing white board on the right. Then tap again on the silver bar support to collect it.
Room 8

Step 12: Return to the main view. Tap on the ticket machine and the select the ticket from your inventory and tap again to insert it.
Room 8

Step 13: Back in the main view the door it now open but a set of bars stops you from leaving. But tap on the bars to look closer. On the floor behind the bars is one more cog wheel. To collect it you nee to select the magnet and the bar from the inventory. They combine and then allow you to collect the last cog wheel.
Room 8

Step : Tap again on the wall mounted cupboard, open it and inside you need to place the 3 cogs on the different sized axles. Once they are all places you will return to the main view and the exit will be open.
Room 8

You have completed the initial 8 levels of this game. We will add further levels as they become available.
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