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Tier List
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With so many characters to choose from in Brown Dust, you need to select the best ones that you can focus on and upgrade in order to build a well balanced and strong team. We've put together this Brown Dust Tier List to help yo do exactly that.

Also, we're only really interested in the 5 star characters as these are the only ones that you should be aiming to keep long term and really the only ones worth putting a lot of effort in to max them out.

Brown Dust Tier List

We've decided to create our Brown Dust Tier List by breaking down the characters into their respective talents; Defense, Magician, Support, Attack. Any good, well balanced team should have at least one of each of these characters, then depending on how you like to play, any spare slots should include extra characters from your favored class. For example you may prefer to play with an extra support character, or go all out to attack with more than one attacker.

Best Defenders and Tanks
These Defenders, also known as Tanks, will absorb the blows while your attackers get on with doing their job. However these tanks also hit back and can deal an impressive amount of damage too.


Best Supporters
The next class of characters we'll look at are the support class, and our favorite five are as follows:


A good support character will help your team in many ways while sometimes appearing to not even contribute very much, but for sure they are working hard behind the scenes allowing your other characters to do what they do best in the game.

Best Attackres
Here are our favorite attackers in the game, they are super strong and make some kick *** damage hits especially in PvP. The are all awesome in tersm of DPS and can take a punch as well as giving one. Anoy of these five fighers in the game would be a worthy addition to your team. It all depends if you are lucky enough to get them!


Best Magicians
Our Top 5 Magicians are as follows:


Expect them to deal out massive damage just when you need it, or help heal your attackers and tanks to keep them in the fight for longer.

We hope you like this Tier List suggestion, we realise there are a lot of legendaries and these cards are generally pretty hard to get hold of, but if you are looking to put together the Ultimate team for Brown Dust, then this Tier List hopefully is a good starting point in deciding which characters you want to include.

In this guide we also have a number of character ranking pages which also may help:

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