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Top 5 Magic Characters

Top 5 Magic Characters
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Here are the best magic characters in Brown Dust. We've taken a look at all of the characters currently available in the game, and chose these 5 characters below as the best Magic characters in the game.

Magic Characters rankings

Lillian : 5 Star
Magic [PvP rating: 9 PvE Rating: 9 ]

Ceria : 5 Star
Magic [PvP rating: 8.5 PvE Rating: 8 ]

Revia : 5 Star
Magic [PvP rating: 8.5 PvE Rating: 8 ]

Anubis : 5 Star
Magic [PvP rating: 8.5 PvE Rating: 7.5 ]

Claudia : 5 Star
Magic [PvP rating: 7.5 PvE Rating: 8 ]

You've seen our list of best magic wielding characters in Brown Dust, head on over our page for Best Support Characters in Brown Dust.

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