Brown Dust

Where to farm gold and other items in Brown Dust

Where to farm gold and other items in Brown Dust
Brown Dust Guide

In Brown dust you are always on a quest to upgrade and grow your mercenaries. To do this you will need to collect a number of items from the game. You can farm every single item by playing different-different game modes. Here is a list of the items you can get from each mode.

Gold – Campaign Battles, Event Dungeon, Sell Mercenaries/Runes

Runes – Challenge mode: Rune temple

Crystals – Challenge mode: Crystal Cave

Slimes – Missions, Quest, Events, Campaign, Challenge Mode: Slime Forest

Soul Gear – Co-op Raid

Honor Coins – Arena

Diamonds – Quest, Missions, First-time clear reward

Ancient Coins – Arena

Skill Books – Honor shop, quests/missions/events, trading post

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