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How to make your mercenaries stronger

How to make your mercenaries stronger
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Once you have recruited your characters in Brown Dust the process of levelling and upgrading begins as you forge them into the powerful allies you need on your team.

There are lots of ways to strengthen them and give them the skills and abilities to fight for you. Below is a summary of what you can do and how you need to do it.

Level Up

Characters level up with EXP which is gained as they fight on your team. As long as they are in your team they will benefit.

You can also allocate EXP to any character with 'Slime'. Slime is earned in the game in the campaign and other missions and events and can then be applied to any mercenary by finding them in the mercenary menu. Select the Level up option on the required character.


When you character reached their current max level you can then Rank them up to increase the max level. To do this you will need a mercenary with the same star rank or same rank material. The option to rank up is found under the intended character in the mercenary menu.


Each of your characters will have their own unique skills and each of these can be upgraded. To do this you need to use Skill books or duplicate characters as you manage to recruit them.

The skill books are obtained from doing events and mssions in the game or can be bought in the shop. (Found in the normal shop under Honor).

You can use skill books in the mercenary menu. Find the character and select Skill-Up


There are several types of runes in the game that you can use to increase the stats of a character. The runes themselves can also be ranked up to increase their power.

Rune types are: shield, rage, fatal, vital and assault. Each one will give different stat boosts.

Runes are obtained in the Rune temple / Challenge mode. You will be awarded rune pieces which you then use to summon a rune. The further you progress through the temple the better the runes you will be able to get.

Soul Gear

Complete challenge modes to gain soul gear pieces and use them or ancient coins and gold to gain Soul gear in the Soul Gear shop. Equip the soul gear to the relevant character to use it.


Check in the shop for special costumes that will give additional effects for particular characters.


Awaken your character with crystals and gold.

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