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How to build a good team

How to build a good team
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There are a wide range of characters in Brown Dust with a variety of skills, and uses in battle. Similarly there are a variety of enemies to face and overcome and getting your team right for each battle is an important part of progressing through the game.

While some team members and team formations will let you breeze through some battles you may struggle with others. Here are some things to look for when setting up your team

Making a balanced team

A balanced team would preferably have defenders to protect the allies, warriors to fight, magicians to attack / apply buffs / debuffs. And, support heroes to heal the allies. You can check your teams characteristics in the mercenary menu.

Make a check here also of the team members skills. Having a range of individual skills will help you overcome the widest range of enemies.

Attack formation and order planning

It is very important to set a good attack order. There is trial and error involved but ideally your aim should be to eliminate the most powerful enemy unit first. In terms of order try letting your highest DPS character attack first.

Pay attention also to the attack range of your characters and the enemies. If you hold down on an enemy, the game will show you its attack range. Similarly, if you hold down on your own characters. Make sure that the enemy that you want to attack is in your attack range.

Let us know below if yo have any other suggestions for making the best team and attack formations, or check out the Answers Page if you have any questions to ask.

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