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How to recruit more characters in Brown Dust

How to recruit more characters in Brown Dust
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Once of the main aims in Brown Dust is to recruit characters to your team to help you build a stronger force and improve what you already have. There are many ways in which you can get new characters so to make sure you are exploring all of them we have listed them here for you to check.

Remember when you are starting out you can always reroll your game to start again with a fresh set of mercenaries at your disposal until you are happy with your starting lineup.

Free recruitment

When you first start the game you will receive several Free Premium Scrolls. Use them to summon mercenaries.

Daily Free Mercenary. This resets every day and you get a chance to summon anything between 3* and 5* mercenaries.


Summon with Diamonds. It is possible to summon new characters with diamonds at any time but we would suggest that you save up 900 Diamonds to let you purchase the Mercenary x10 pack from the Legend menu.
Spending diamonds in this way also grants you Mileage which is useful.

You can also purchase the Legend Scroll Package for 600 Diamonds. This is also one of the best purchases and this can be done up to 3 times a week.


You can also summon with earned mileage points. You can summon a 3* hero with 100 mileage points, a 4* hero with 1000 points and with 4000 Mileage points you can summon a 5* hero.

It is well worth saving up these points for the heroes but they are really hard to get and require you to spend a lot of Diamonds. But the ability to choose a 5* hero is worth working towards.


There are class specific Scrolls that can be acquired from quests as rewards. There are 4 types of scrolls, one for each character type:
– Supporter Scroll: Summons a 3* – 5* Support mercenary.
– Magician Scroll: Summons a 3* – 5* Magician mercenary.
– Defender Scroll: Summons a 3* – 5* Defender mercenary.
– Warrior Scroll: Summons a 3* – 5* Warrior mercenary.

Additionally you will obtain Normal Scrolls from completing quests and Campaign Mode. Using these for normal Mercenary Summon will summon Normal (Silver Star) Mercenaries which you can then use to improve your good Golden Star Mercenaries.

More Options

Ancient Coins. Collect 1500 Ancient Coins to let you choose one super strong mercenary. You will be able to pick a selected hero. The ones you can pick from are the Dominus Octo ones (Seto, Beliath, Mamonir, Velfern) or one of five of the Six Devils (Refithea, Angelica, Alec, Granhildr, Nartas).

Friendship Points. These will not gain you any special heroes but what you do get will be usefull for improving your other characters.

Daily rewards. Log In to the game daily for the free rewards, some of which will be mercenaries and random mercenary scrolls.

Campaign. When you complete Campaign stages you will receive several 3* and 4* mercenaries which you can add to your team or use to improve your other characters. Some campaign stages can be farmed repeatedly for more chances to gain mercs.

Thanks for checking out this guide. If you have more suggestions for ways to get new characters please let us know or if you have any questions head to the Answers Page to ask it there.

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