Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer

Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer
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Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer Guide
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Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

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This is our full guide to chapter 6 of The Christmas Killer (Xmas Killer). Another great Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku.

It is Dec 23rd

We are now off to talk to Antonio, the victims brother.

Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

Tap on the piano to open the lid and collect a battery

Then do the same on the unit on the left of the scene to find a screwdriver.

Go through the doorway on the left to the living room.

Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

Collect a record from the chair on the right.

Collect the lit candle from net to the door,

A small key from the bottom left.

And a Film reel from the hearth of the fireplace.

Use the candle on the fireplace to light it. Note the clue that appears on the window.

Back out to the first room.

Use the key to open the cabinet on the top left. Collect a horn.

Add the horn to the record player (phonograph) and then place the record in it.

Music plays and you will receive a note of the lyrics.

Tap the horn to view the scroll that has appeared, this is a clue.

Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

Now tap the closed door on the right to view a puzzle.

Add the notes of the lyrics to it to help you solve it.

Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

Hint: tap pairs of tiles to swap positions.



match the lyrics with the designs on the board. For the placement order follow the direction arrow from the clue on the window in the living room.

Enter the surveillance room.

Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

Star: bottom right of the scene.

Open a box on the left to find a second battery

Then collect another film reel from the boxes on the right of the screen.

Go back to living room.

On the floor under the tree is a power box. Use the screwdriver on this to open it.

Place the 2 batteries in it.

9 lights will turn on. View them.

Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

Hint: the symbols match those see on a clue above.



Use the 4 sets of symbols on the scroll from the horn. trace out the patterns made by them on the lights to get 4 numbers.




Go back to the film room and view the large trunk under the screen for a code entry.

Use the code above to open it.

Collect another film reel.

Now tap on the side of the projector top open the panel and view a puzzle.

Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

Add the 3 films to it to begin. This is a connect / flow puzzle.

Hint: Drag to draw lines connecting the same colored pairs of reels. They cannot cross. You must use all the reels.



Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

We now see the image of the suspect.

Chapter 6 - Dec 23rd

This completes chapter 6, now on to Chapter 7.


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