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Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

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Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

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This is our full guide to chapter 7 of The Christmas Killer (Xmas Killer). Another great Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku.

It is Dec 24th
1 day to go.
Back at the police station, the phone is ringing.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Answer the phone and hear from Everett Kane that Misty hasn’t been seen in two days and her apartment was broken into.

You now have access to the FBI database. But what is your password.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Tap to view the sticky note on the shelf to the left to get a clue.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Hint: The notes have a star, a fish, a plant, and a stocking.
Solution: Count the number of each item in the room. For the stars you need to view a photo on the shelf (3), 1 fish, 2 plants, and 4 or stockings.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Code: 3124Show

The computer now shows a puzzle, this is a memory game. Flip pairs of cards to see fingerprints and find the matches.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th
There are 3 levels to play.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Once done the database will come up with a fingerprint match.
Frederick Gaines
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

You now have another snow globe.
Tap to the right to move to the next room and find the other 7 globes.
View the globes and add the last one to them.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Hint: look carefully at the designs inside the globes.
Solution: each one has a number as part of the design. Swap them around to place them in order from 1 to 8.Show

When you solve this you will see the next clue on the bases of the globes.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th
101 East 3rd St.

Now you go to that address to confront Freddy
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Look on the table to collect a 'Scope'.
Then on the bottom right collect a 'chandelier piece'.

To tap the stairs to go upstairs.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Tap to open the coffee table drawers and collect a telescope body.
From the desk collect a Telescope Lens

Take a look at the painting on the wall of the tomato soup cans for a clue.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Go back downstairs and place the telescope pieces onto the tripod on the right.

Tap the telescope to look outside.
Drag to move the view around and find 4 signs. Each has a number and a direction.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Go back upstairs and view the safe by the desk.

Hint: note the shapes at the bottom.
Solution: in order of the shapes get the matching shaped sign and turn the dial in the direction and to the number shown on it.Show
Code: Right to 35, left to 5, right to 40, and left to 55.Show
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Once open collect two more chandelier pieces.

Go back downstairs and tap to view the chandelier.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th
Add the 3 pieces to it to get a clue.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24thShow

Now tap on the tablet to view the password screen.
Hint. Use the chandelier clue to know the order to tap the buttons.
Solution: Bottom left, Top middle, center, top right, middle right. top left.Show

A secret passageway opens on the left. Go through.
We find Misty locked in a cell.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

The panel on the right has colored buttons to select.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Check the note below this for a clue.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Hint: 6 numbers giving an order and these match 6 soup tins on the picture upstairs.
Solution: Each tin has 2 or 3 colors (The word tomato included). Combine the colors on each tin to get a single color, eg blue + yellow = green. Then the order from the note.Show
Code: Green, light green, purple, pink, orange, light purpleShow

This gives us a second puzzle to play.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

It is a Minesweeper style game.
Hint: each of the squares is wither a good or bad. The numbers tell you how many bad ones are next to (including itself) the square its on. Tap each square to toggle it between red (bad, or white (good).
Solution: Chapter 7 - Dec 24th
Set the bottom right to white.

This releases Misty from the cell and opens a door to go up to the roof.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

Pick up the long pipe from the ground
Use this to throw at the helicopter.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

December 25
Back at the station you now have the other half of the locket.
Add this to the evidence board to combine the two locket pieces.
Chapter 7 - Dec 24th

That completes the game. You caught the Christmas Killer.

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