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Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

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Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

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This is our full guide to chapter 3 of The Christmas Killer (Xmas Killer). Another great Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku.

It is Dec 20th

After investigating the body in chapter 2 you have returned to the police station.
We are shown the evidence board with two photos on it, the victim’s daughter, Misty, and the brother, Antonio.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

In the office we have the snow globe and you now have access to the lab.
Tap the door by the window to go into the lab.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

Star: on the clock

Collect the key from the floor, and a blank tap from the right hand side.
Also open the wall cabinet by the door and collect a magnifying glass.

Now tap the door to go through to the second lab room.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

Use the key on the pink case to open it and collect a 'Powdering brush'.
Then from the second table top another blank tape'

Tap on the 2 PC screens on the right to see this sticky note clue.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20thShow
Then on the periodic table on the left to see the list of Transition metals.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

Now view the lock on the large cabinet on the right.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th
Hint: the note and list of elements will help.
Solution: Use MORE to find 2 elements on the table. Mo = 42, Re=75Show
Code: 4275Show

Collect Dusting Powder and a third blank tape.

Now return to the first lab room.
Open the body bag to view the body (face). The bag by the body that contains an ornament and the case on the floor by the desk which contains the broken lamp.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

We need to look for fingerprints on them,
Use the magnifying glass on the body, add the black fingerprint dust, and then the brush. You will see a fingerprint, then use a blank tape on this fingerprint to lift it.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

Repeat the same process for the ornament in the bag, and the lamp.

On the desk to the left is a laptop and a fingerprint scanner.
Add the three tapes into the fingerprint scanner then you can tap to view the computer screen.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th
Hint: the images show three balls of gold, silver, and copper.
Solution: Check the periodic table and find the symbols for those three elements. Au, Ag, CuShow
Code: AUAGCUShow

Now you have a jigsaw type puzzle to assemble the fingerprints.
Hint: drag the sections around and you can tap to rotate them. When 2 section match together they will combine.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20thShow
Chapter 3 - Dec 20thShow
Chapter 3 - Dec 20thShow

The fingerprints do not match anything in the database. We need to keep looking manually at the records office.
In the reception area.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

Collect the key card from the floor.
Open the box on the floor to collect the electric cord.
Then open the lower orange wall cabinet to find a blueprint.

Use the key card on the white cupboard next to Murphy to collect a 'Voice Device'.
Place the device on the front desk and use the electric cord on it to plug it in.
You will receive 5 instructions on locating the files. Thankfully Murphy will take notes and give you a list.

Give the blueprint to Murphy.
Then tap on the stairs to start working out where to go.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

Hint: The floor plans can show B1 through to B10. You need to pick a floor and a room number.
Crimes are in the bottom 5 floors, this means Basement 6 – 10.
Chronologically by month - The crime happened in December, so we need B10.
The first half of the room deals with nonviolent crimes. This is murder so we want rooms 11 – 20.
Murders are in odd numbered rooms. (11, 13, 15, 17, 19) But repeat offenders are multiples of 3 (12, 15, 18). This gives us Floor B10, room 15.

Select the correct room to start up another puzzle.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th
In the room you need to move 4 boxes onto the red plates. The lever on the right will open and close the central gate.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20thShow

Once done you are in the records room.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

From the lower right you can collect the Oil Spray and a Long Pipe
Also collect the square Stool.

Use the Oil spray on the red toolbox (it is rusted shut). so that you can open it. Collect a dry rag.

Place the stool down below the broken water pipe, then use the long pipe to turn the blue valve handle.
Water will drip out, use the rag on this to get a Wet rag.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

On the right under the number 3 is a dirty painting. Use the wet rag on this to clean it and reveal a clue.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20thShow

Now tap to view the filing cabinet.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

Tap the switches to set positions.
Solution: Follow the flags clue. Up, Down, Up, Middle, Middle, Down.Show

View the case file from the cabinet and then you will get more snow gloves and confirmation of that the Xmas Killer is back.
Chapter 3 - Dec 20th

This completes the chapter. Move on to Chapter 4

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