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Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

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Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

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This is our full guide to chapter 1 of The Christmas Killer (Xmas Killer). Another great Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku.

It is Dec 18th - 7 days to Christmas.

This first chapter starts with a short tutorial to show you how to play. Follow the prompts to get started.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

Pick up the used coffee cup and then the blue file folder.
Pick up the rest of the trash on the desk and throw it away to earn 4 bonus stars.
Then get the fish food and the red file folder. Then from the shelf collect the yellow file folder.
Open the wide middle drawer to find a Green folder.

Use the fish food on the bowl to feed the fish for an extra star.

Tap on the right to move on to the next area.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

Collect the purple file folder from the desk.
Tap above the window to see 4 police badges, this is a clue.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

Next open the door on the left and go through to the kitchen.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

We need to cure Dan's hangover. On the wall to the left is a note. tap to view this to see some 'common hangover cures'. You need aspirin and greasy food.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

Open the top cabinets to find a 'paper cup'. Use this on the water dispenser to fill it.
Collect 'A cup of water'

Tap on the first aid box on the back wall. This requires a 4 digit code to open.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

Hint, look for a clue for 4 numbers.
Solution: Check the 4 police badges in the previous office. Each has a shape on it with a number of points / corners.Show
Code: 5364Show

Collect the Asprin.

Now tap on the box on the counter to find donuts.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

Hint: Tap pairs of donuts to arrange them in the right order, some can’t be moved.
Solution: Arrange them by rows of the same color, and columns of the same toppings. (sprinkles, stripes etc)
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

You will receive Dan’s donut.

Place the aspirin, water, and donut in front of Dan. He will recover and you can take the red file folder.

Go back to the first room.
Tap to open the bottom right drawer of the desk Add all the files you found.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

You now need to organize them by tapping pairs to swap positions.
Hint: Place them so that the lines match up across all the files.
Soluition: Chapter 1 - Dec 18thShow

Once done you will receive a star.
The patterns are also a clue.

Now view the safe that is on the shelf above the fish bowl.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

Hint: note the clue of the squares and numbers top right.
Solution: Check the file folders and count up the squares on each vertical lineShow
Code: 428256Show

Open the safe and collect the 'Case file folder'.

Give the case file to the Sgt. Jacob.
A phone starts ringing in the locked drawer. You need a Key.
Pick up the trash on the desk, you can throw it away for another star.
Then collect the 'old key' and use it on the drawer. Take the phone.
Chapter 1 - Dec 18th

Answer the call and talk to Lt. Murphy. There is a dead body to investigate.

That completes Chapter 1. Move on to Chapter 2 - Dec 19.

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