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Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

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Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

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This is our full guide to chapter 2 of The Christmas Killer (Xmas Killer). Another great Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku.

It is Dec 19th - 6 days to Christmas.

You start outside an old house. There has been a report of a dead body.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

Under the front window tap to collect a purple 'Scrap of quilting fabric'

Now tap the front door to go in.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

Star: Open the top cupboard to the right to find a hidden star.

Under the table on the right is a can opener. Collect this.

Open the lower 2 doors on the white dresser in the center.
Collect a second scrap of fabric.
Then use the can opened on the can of cat food on the left. Collect it and then add it to the food bowl on the floor.

Collect the bowl of cat food.

Now tap to view the book on the table, there is a crossword puzzle.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

Hint: Place the numbers into the puzzle to complete it.
Solution: Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow

Once complete you will have 5 circled numbers.

Go back outside (door on the left) and tap to view the shed on the right.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th
Use the code you found to open the lock
Code: 25267Show

Take the Gardening shears and the Ladder.

Use the ladder and top on the cat to place the ladder under the tree. Then tap the cat again to get it down.

View the cat to see a clue on its collar.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow

Go back inside and then go upstairs.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

Notice the picture of 4 cats on the left.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow

Pick up another scrap of fabric (green) from the floor.
Then go through the door on the left to enter the bathroom.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

Star: on the lamp above the mirror.

Open the small cabinet above the bath to find another scrap of fabric (yellow).

Then tap to open the window and use the shears on the grass in the window box to collect some 'Cat Grass'.

Now Use the cat food bowl and tap on the black cat to bring it down. You can then view it to see the clue on its collar.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow

Go back downstairs. Use the cat grass on the cat hiding in the box.
You can then check it to see its collar.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow

On the chair on the left is an unfinished quilt, view this.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

Add the four scraps to it to start a puzzle.
Hint: Arrange the scraps in the gaps, you can tap the pieces to rotate them. There are 4 animal shapes to complete.
1: Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow
2: Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow
3: Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow
4: Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow

You can now see all 4 and arrange them to fin into 1 large quilt by matching the edges.
Solution: Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow

Go back upstairs and tap on the trunk to the right of the locked door.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

Hint tap the animals to change them.
Solution: Match the animals to the designs shown on the quilt.Show

The box opens and you find the fourth cat.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19thShow

Now you can tap on the locked door and use the clues to get the combination.
Hint: cat collars.
Solution: check the painting on the wall for the order and use the numbers from each collar.Show
Code: 5367Show

Enter the bedroom to find the body.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

Now investigate, you need to find the five different pieces of evidence around the room.
Tap them to place the evidence markers on them.
Solution: The broken lamp, the blood, The open window, the footprint, and the box of photos under the bed.Show

Now view the bed and tap to remove the covers.
Chapter 2 - Dec 19th

Again tap to designate the 4 items of evidence.
Solution: The cut on the hand, the snow globe, the blue lips, and the bruise on the neck.

This completes the chapter and you have now a deadline to catch the killer before Christmas.
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