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Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

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Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

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This is our full guide to chapter 4 of The Christmas Killer (Xmas Killer). Another great Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku.

It is Dec 21st

Now that you have the information on the Killers past murders from Chapter 3 you can continue to investigate. We head to a nightclub.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

View the poster on the ground to see a clue. (Red 3) And then also the blue poster on the wall. (Green 1)
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Then tap on the left to move down the alley.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

There is another poster to view on the right (Purple 7)

Tap on the 2 rubbish bags on the rand collect some Shoes.
Then tap on the dumpster on the left and collect Rope.

Use the rope on the brick on the ground to tie it and then collect it.
Then use this on the ladder on the top left to throw the brick and pull down the ladder.

At the top of the ladder is a fourth poster, view this for another clue. (Yellow 5)
Tap the Neon Sign in the center to plug it in now. VIPER ROOM.

Tap the door on the right to see the padlock.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Hint: you need 4 colored numbers.
Solution: From the posters - purple 7, red 3, yellow 5, green 1.Show

Go into the dressing room.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Open the white cupboard doors and take the Dresses from inside.
On the table to the left is a lock box. View this.
You need a 5 letter code.
Solution: VIPERShow

Collect $20.

Collect the cosmetics from the table under the mirror.

At the bottom of the small shelf unit is a box with 6 colored gems on top.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Hint: You need to find the right order to tap the gems in to open it. This is a trial and error puzzle.
Solution: Yellow, green, red, orange, purple, blueShow
Collect some 'Accessories'

Now tap on the mirror, it is time to get dressed.
Place all the dresses, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories on the screen.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

This is a Mastermind style game. Select an item of each and you will be told how many parts she likes, but not which ones.
Keep adjusting your selecting until you get the correct outfit.
Cosmetics: 5, on the right
Accessories: 1, on the left
Dress: 3, Red
Shoes: 3, Silver

Exit the room (tap on the right) and go back to the bouncer at the front of the club.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Give him the 20 dollars so you can enter.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

From the bar collect a small knife.
Open the cupboard under the bar and collect a bottle of Rum and sugar.
Then from the area on the left collect a bottle of soda and a crow bar.

Exit the club and go back to the alley.
Use the crowbar on the crate on the right to open it.
Collect a highball glass.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Go back into the dressing room. Use the knife on the mint plant to collect some mint leaves.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

No return to the club.

Tap on the bar top to view it.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

First add the Highball glass, sugar, soda, mint and rum to the rest of the ingredients on the bar.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Now follow the recipe sheet on the back.
Drag the mint and lime to place them in the glass.
Use the pestle to crush them.
Pour sugar into the measuring cup, then move this to the glass.
Add ice, then rum, and finally the soda.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Drag this to the shaker to have it mixed. Then pour it back into the glass.
Add a slice of lime to it. You now have a mojito.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Give the mojito to the bouncer. He will let you though to the VIP room.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

You meet the owner and now need to place a card game to proceed.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

Hint: You pick a card and Everett will choose one at the same time. The highest card wins a point. To win you need to have the most points when you run out of cards. Cards are laid out for you from lowest to highest and Everett's cards will be the same. (lowest on your left)

Solution: tap a card to lift it and then again to play it. At that point Everett will pick the card the small moving hand is on. His lowest cards are on the left. Try to make him pick a card that is lower than you as many times as possible. Show

You’ll then get to talk to Misty.
Chapter 4 - Dec 21st

She gives you a locket.
This completes chapter 4 and you can move on to chapter 5.

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