Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Chapter 2 - The Security Gate

Chapter 2 - The Security Gate
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Guide


After a drive through the mountains you find yourself at a security gate to the compound. You need to find a way past the gate.

Chapter 2 - The Security Gate

First tap on the small building to the right to enter the shed / security office.

Chapter 2 - The Security Gate

Star: on a box to the left.

Collect the stethoscope hanging on the wall, and the ladder by the window. Next pick up a key from the boxes on the floor then use this to open the cabinet on the left. Collect the Wire Strippers from inside.

Star: another star found inside the cabinet.

Use the ladder on the right had wall to place it next to the high shelf and then you can collect an Electrical manual from the shelf.

Go back outside to the gate and tap on the dial lock on the left of the gate.

Chapter 2 - The Security Gate

Use the stethoscope on this lock and you will now be able to hear the tumblers moving. When you reach the right numbers your device will vibrate and a green light will appear.



right 18, left 7, right 13


Once you have cracked the safe lock you will find a panel with wires. This is another puzzle. Select the electrical manual and place it on the panel to view it. Use the drawing on the paper to choose wires to use the wire strippers on and connect.



There are 3 drawings that are a combination of symbols, one from the left and one from the right. Select the wire strippers and tap the matching wires to connect them

Once you have the correct wires connected the gate will open and complete this chapter. You can now move on the chapter 3. If you have any questions for this game please check the answer page to ask there.

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