Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Chapter 6 - The Dorms

Chapter 6 - The Dorms
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Guide

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Having passed the tests in Chapter 5 we are now able to pass into the dorms to rest and continue our investigation.

Chapter 6 - The Dorms

Only building on the left is open for us to go into so tap there to proceed.

Chapter 6 - The Dorms

Star: in front of the flower pot in the back right corner.

Investigate the room, first tap on the coffee table to view the books and then take a note of the pictures on the wall. There are 2 doors at the top of the stairs on the left, one is locked the other we can open and enter the bedroom.

Chapter 6 - The Dorms

In the bedroom tap on the window shades to open them and collect the screwdriver. Tap the drawers to find a broken blow dryer.

Next tap the rubbish bin to find a clue.


“Water flows like time.

Fire burns with rage.

Wind murmurs secrets.

Lightning strikes twice.

Earth absorbs all.”

Return to the first room and tap on the unit on the right with the 5 coloured shapes. The 5 shapes represent elements as found in the clue above. Tap the shapes in the correct order.


water, fire, wind, lightning, earth


A drawer will open, collect the batteries.

Next tap on the other door at the top of the stairs to view the code entry.



find number from the books found above.




In the second bedroom open the closet and collect a crowbar, then collect a roll or electrical tape from the side table.

Chapter 6 - The Dorms

Tap on the rug on the floor to lift it and then use the crowbar to open up the floor.

Star, found in the hole next to a box.

Next use the screwdriver on the box in the floor to open it. Then collect a bottle of special ink from it.

Use the batteries on the globe on the chest of drawers and tap it to view, this is a geographical puzzle, you tap areas of thee globe in the right order.

Chapter 6 - The Dorms



check the locations and order of the photographs on the wall in the first room.



You need to tap the relevant continent on the globe to match the photographs.


Egypt (Africa), New York (North America), Australia, France (Europe), China (Asia).

Collect the globe key when done.

Use the globe key to unlock the bottom drawer and view a book with blank pages. Use the ink on it.

Chapter 6 - The Dorms

Return to the first bedroom and use the electrical tape to fix the blow dryer, you can now take it. Return to the book in the second bedroom and use the blow dryer on the ink in the book. This will make some works appear giving you a clue to the next place to investigate.


Chapter 6 - The Dorms

That complete chapter 6 and we move on to the kitchen in chapter 7.

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