Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Chapter 9 - The Mountain Lodge

Chapter 9 - The Mountain Lodge
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Guide

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Having solved the mystery of the AGI and the compound cult you now just need to find your friend and stop the leader Seth.

Watch the intro and then find yourself out at the cabin.

Chapter 9 - The Mountain Lodge

Star: by the road on the far right.

Collect the gardening shears from the road on the lower right. Then tap to enter the glass house to the left.

Chapter 9 - The Mountain Lodge

Star: on the sofa

Collect some headlamps from the bag on the left and then a towel fro the small table. Take the nail polish remover from the table immediately in front, and an antler from the wall.

Tap the book on the table and you can check through the pages to find details on various dogs.

Chapter 9 - The Mountain Lodge

Next leave this building and tap on the other one across the road. This is the dog house and a puzzle. You need to use the descriptions of each dog from the book to figure out what to give each of them. There are a range of items in the room for you to select and place in the bowls in front of each dog.

Chapter 9 - The Mountain Lodge



From left to right

Marcus - chases anything furry that moves - give him the squirrel toy.

Lucius - needs loud noises to wake up - give him the trumpet.

Brutus - likes shoes - give the shoe.

Gaius - only eats real food - give him the chicken leg.

Titus - 3-time trophy winner - give him the trophy.

You can now take the dog whistle from the hook on the wall then use it on the dogs to get them to follow you.

Exit the dog house and tap on the cave entrance in the distance.

Chapter 9 - The Mountain Lodge

First use the nail polish remover on the fence and then wipe it off with the towel to reveal weak points. You can now use the garden shears to cut a hole in it. Before proceeding use the headlamps on the dog’s collars so they can see. Enter the cave.

The cave is a map puzzle. You can move your marker around the dark map to find areas fo the cave. Tap a dog to call them to you and then move in a pattern of 5 squares to assign that route to the dog to partrol. Then do the same with the other dogs. You will need all 5 dogs covering 5 squares each to cover each all of the paths.

If you need to move a dog place your own marker on the same location as it and tap the whistle item to recall it.

Chapter 9 - The Mountain Lodge

Once you have all of the accessible squares on the map patrolled you will be able to pass on to the next area of the cave.

Here we find Melissa injured and are confronted by Seth. We have to fight him off. Use the antler from your inventory.

Chapter 9 - The Mountain Lodge



wait until the moving dot is on the target and tap it. After a few hits on target you will attack the head.

Continue until the progress bar fills up and you will defeat him and arrest him.

That is the end of the game. If you have any questions for this or the other chapters please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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