Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Chapter 7- The Kitchen

Chapter 7- The Kitchen
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Guide

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The previous chapter 5 gave us clues to a hidden wine cellar under the kitchen. We need to access the kitchen and find the cellar.

First collect the ring piece behind the tree on the left and then tap the kitchen building on the right to view the door puzzle. Use the ring piece on it and then rotate each ring to complete the picture and unlock the door.

Chapter 7- The Kitchen

Inside the kitchen you find Darius who you met on the road earlier and agree to work together.

Chapter 7- The Kitchen

Star: Above the oven on a panel.

From the right collect an unlit torch and a chain hanging on the bar. Then collect the wine glass fro the counter and open the oven to collect the baking sheet.

Use the chain on the cellar door to attach it. Then use the baking sheet at the other end of the chain as below.

Chapter 7- The Kitchen

Tap the small trolley to roll it backwards to the shelves with the sacks. Tap a sack and then roll it back to the backing sheet and tap again to move it on to the sheet. Do this with the other 2 sacks. and they will weigh down the chain to open the cellar door.

Chapter 7- The Kitchen

Tap the oven controls to light one of the burners and use the torch on it to light it. You can now go down into the cellar.

Select the lit torch and use move it around the room to see in the darkness.

Chapter 7- The Kitchen

Star: Under the barrels on the floor near the ladder.

Star: On top of the barrels in the top center of the scene.

Star: above some barrels in the center of the room just above the wine bottles.

On the lower left find and collect a small glass pipe, and then on the right on top of a barrel collect some notes.

Tap on the table to view the wine bottles. Place the wine glass and notes with the bottles and Darius will taste them all, giving them descriptions. Then look at the notes for a clue to the order.

Chapter 7- The Kitchen

“Fruity wines go together

Whites before reds

Sweet wines all together

The 2015 is a little dry

Start with my favorite, the 2012”

Use this to work out the order to place the bottles in and then tap the bottles to swap positions and place them correctly,



Citrus Acidic (2012)

Apple Dry (2015)

Berry Sweet (2014)

Sweet Woody (2011)

Floral (2009)

Take the vial of silver liquid that is revealed.

Next tap the side of the top center barrel to open is and find another small glass pipe.

Tap on the puzzle that is in the top left of the room. to view it and place the 2 glass pipes and the vial of silver liquid on to it to let you work on it.

To solve the puzzle tap the pieces to rotate them until they all connect then pour the silver liquid down them. (Tap the vial and then tap the hole).


Chapter 7- The Kitchen

Tap the top left barrel that is now open to find a corpse. That completes this chapter. The police are called but we still need to rescue Melissa. Lets move on to chapter 8.

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