Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Chapter 3 - A Flat Tire

Chapter 3 - A Flat Tire
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Guide

You have made it past the security gate but it seems there is still a drive to the compound and now you have a flat tire. Look for clues and items to let you rescue yourself from this situation.
Chapter 3 - A Flat Tire

Tap on the back of the car top open the trunk. Then tap the items inside to remove them and you will collect the jack and the gloves. Then tap the compartment doors in the floor of the trunk top open it and collect the spare wheel.
Chapter 3 - A Flat Tire

Next tap the large rock on the road to collect it and find 3 vines hanging in the trees.

Use the three vines and tap on the the tree stump on the right of the road to attach the vines as a rope. You can now tap on the crashed car to climb down to it.
Chapter 3 - A Flat Tire

Star: on the far right near the bushes.

Use the gloves and then tap to pick up the crowbar on the ground. Then use the crowbar to open the car door and collect the wrench from inside the car.

Star: on the seat inside the car.

Tap the rope to go back up and you will be met by a passing driver named Darius who offers to help and then warns you about the compound.

We now need to change the tire. Tap on the flat tire to open a puzzle screen with sequence list at the bottom. Add the spare tire, rock, wrench, and car jack from your inventory to the screen and then drag them into the sequence bar at the bottom in the right order to complete it.

Solution: Rock under tire -> Undo wheel nuts (anti-clockwise) - > Raise jack -> Remove flat tire - > Place spare tire -> Lower jack -> tighten wheel nuts (clockwise)
Chapter 3 - A Flat Tire

Fixing the tyre completes chapter 3 and you drive on the chapter 4. If you have any questions for this game please head to the answer page to ask there.

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