Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Chapter 8 - The AGI

Chapter 8 - The AGI
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Guide


In chapter 7 you uncovered a bead body and the police are on the way, but you still need to find Melissa and discover the secret of the compound.

To begin tap the middle building to enter the AGI room. We hear from Darius about the AGI.

Chapter 8 - The AGI

Star: by the sofa on the right.

Tap the plant sculpture on the left to collect a mirror. Then tap the 2 sets of curtains at the back to open then and collect a prism from each. Finally take the laser pointer from the sofa.

Now tap on the door to the far right to find a puzzle. Add all of the items you have collected to the puzzle. The puzzle consists of mirrors that reflect the light beam and the prisms that split it. You need to tap each mirror element to arrange them so that the light is directed around the board and end up hitting each of the 3 gems placed around the edge.

Chapter 8 - The AGI

Once solved you can move into the office room.

Chapter 8 - The AGI

Star: back corner of the room on the floor.

Tap the desk drawer nearest you to open it and collect a Screwdriver. Then tap the chair farthest away to collect it. Tap on the high wall vent to place the chair then use the screwdriver to open it.

Hidden message: Look at the game of checkers on the table. If you read the letters marked out by the pieces across the board you can reveal a message.




Tap the open vent to climb through into a surveillance room.

Star: on the right wall high near the ceiling.

Collect a note taped to the wall above the desk. And collect the two USB sticks from the desk shelves. Then tap to open the right cabinet and collect the strange note with numbers on it and the hex key.

Go back to the office room using the door this time on the left. Tap on the laptop on the desk to find a password input. The password is found above from the checkers board. Enter


"i faked agi"

into the computer and press enter. You will now see Seth’s confession.


Chapter 8 - The AGI

Use one of the USB sticks on the laptop to take a copy of the confession.

Return to the first room and use the backwards note found above on the mirror plant to see the words reflected.


“Four ravens in a circle

Ten moving shadows

Twenty three glass shards

Thirty blinking eyes”

You can now go back to the surveillance room and tap on the computer screen. There is a code entry at the bottom. Enter the code


04 10 23 30

and then press play. Use the second USB stick on the small port above the play button, then remove, it to take a copy of this video.


Chapter 8 - The AGI

Finally we return to the AGI broadcast room. Here use the hex wrench to open up a plate at the foot of the AGI unit and tap to view a puzzle. Use the note found with numbers on it to see numbers appear on each of the chips.

Chapter 8 - The AGI

To solve the puzzle tap pairs of chips to connect them. Each chip needs to have the same number of connections to other chips as the number on them.


Chapter 8 - The AGI

Once completed we can use the AGI to broadcast messages to the cult . Insert both USB sticks to reveal the evidence to everyone.

That completes this chapter but we still need to find Melissa. Lets move on to chapter 9.

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